1954 Chevrolet 150 Series

1954 Chevrolet Cars For Sale

1954 Chevrolet 150 – The 1953 Chevrolet car series designation One Fifty continued in the production year 1954 for Chevrolet. There were three different One-Fifty models produced by Chevrolet in 1954. A two door Sedan, two door Utility Sedan and a four door Sedan. The 2 door Club Coupe was dropped in 1954. A Business Coupe produced in 1953 was renamed the Utility Sedan in 1954.

Styling improvements for the 1954 Chevy, although minor over the 1953 Chevrolet, gave the impression of a wider and more fresh new automobile. Beautiful Chevrolet Styling and solid Chevrolet value are yours in this thrifty “One Fifty” Model! said one 1954 Chevy car advertisement. Just the answer for those who want sparkling NEW beauty and roomy comfort at low cost! said another.

1954 Chevrolet 150 2 Door Sedan
1954 Chevrolet 2 Door Sedan

New for 1954 was a full width horizontal center grille and wrap around horizontal parking lamp housings on each side. The front bumper and bumper guards were redesigned. Most noticeable was the new hood bird and Chevy crest. Interiors were described as being Smartly fashioned of durable materials! A Powerglide transmission was available on the 1954 Chevy coupe and sedan One Fifty but was not in 1953.

1954 Chevrolet One Fifty 4 Door Sedan
1954 Chevy 4 Door Sedan

To reduce cost for the consumer, rubber windshield moldings were used instead of the stainless trim and black rubber gravel guards were used instead of chrome. Hubcaps and plain body sides were a sure way of spotting a 1954 Chevrolet 150 as compared to the 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air and 1954 Chevrolet two-ten.

1954 Chevrolet One Fifty Utility Sedan
1953 Chevrolet One Fifty Utility Sedan

One 1954 Chevy sales brochure described the 1954 One Fifty Utility Sedan this way – Here’s another brand new 1954 Chevy sedan for 1954! Extra load space is the outstanding advantage offered by the smart, thrifty “One Fifty” Utility Sedan. The entire rear compartment of this 3 passenger 150 Utility or Business Coupe is devoted to cargo space. The perfect answer for salesmen, businessmen, farmers – in fact for anyone who needs a dual purpose car. The raised rear floor makes loading and unloading easy.

1954 Chevrolet 150 Business Coupe Special Rear Compartment
1954 Chevrolet Sedan One Fifty Business Coupe Special Rear Compartment

1954 Chevrolet 150 Factory Price and Production Totals

  • 1954 Chevrolet 150 4 Door 6 passenger Sedan $1680.00 / 32,430
  • 1954 Chevrolet 150 2 Door 6 passenger Sedan $1623.00 / 64,855
  • 1954 Chevrolet 150 2 Door 3 passenger Utility Sedan $1539.00 / 10,770

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